Looking to build a Mad Max Interceptor? Well you have come to the right place, we can supply all your Pursuit Special needs.

We were also fortunate enough to have built the 5 Interceptors for Mad Max 4: Fury Road So we have a pretty good idea about building a Mad Max Interceptor.

Have a look through the parts we have available. These are the same parts we use on the cars we build for clients. So if your not wanting to get your hands dirty and would like a quote on having one of these beast built to your own specs drop us a line and we will see how we can make that dream come true. Contact us

Mad Max Body kit
Complete fibreglass kit

Kit includes:
Nose cone, Roof Wing, Trunk Wing, 4x Flares

Designed to fit XA-XC Falcon coupe fitted with XB Front gaurds and bonnet/hood
AUD $2,500 inc freight to all Eastern states, not much
more to W.A, S.A, N.T

Mad Max Body kit
Nose Cone

Complete 1 peice fibreglass nose cone with side extensions attached.

Will attach to XB gaurds with extensions removed, and XB/XC Bonnet

AUD $1500

Mad Max Body kit
Roof wing

1 Peice unit. Designed to be attached to roof and blended in smooth to give an accurate movie car look.

AUD $450

Mad Max Body kit
Trunk wing

3 Peice design, moulded to shape of car to provide smooth and easy blend in to body.

AUD $450

Mad Max Body kit

4x Flares, custom made to suit XA-XC Coupe. Not modified from another vehicle.

AUD $450






Mad Max Wheels
Custom made by same manfucturer that produced the rims for the original Movie car
Available in 14x8", 15x8" and 15x10"

Tyres we suggest either 245/60/ 14 or 15 and 295/50/15, we can supply at extra cost on wheels, $P.O.A

AUD $2500

Mad Max Blue strobe
Blue strobe, very similar to original movie car light.


Mad Max Siren
Police siren, with correct noise. Not always available.


Mad Max Decals
Self adhesive decals, correct sizes and design


Scott Injection hat - Reproduction
Custom made under licence from Scott Injection.

Available in both functional and non-functional design.

Left: New
Right: Original

Can you pick the difference?

Top: Original
Bottom: New

Non-functional: AUD $1700
Functional: AUD $7000
(includes EFI computer, tuned by Hilbourne Injection, ready to bolt on and run)

Fake 6/71 Supercharger

Real 6/71 Supercharger
Complete kit, bolt on. Blower, snout, manifold, belts, pulleys, carby adaptor

AUD $9000

XB GT Seats
Retrimmed in original pattern vinyl, available in all factory colours, plus various custom colours. Original movie Interceptor had Black vinyl.

AUD $1750 exchange

XB GT Door trims

Reproduction door trims, available in Black, chamois, brown or white (custom upon application). Interceptor had black trim as pictured. (note XA GT trim shown)
. Please check with us on these items, as supply has been very slow due to an increase in demand over the past couple of years.

AUD $1000 exchange

XB GT Hoodlining (headliner)
Reproduction in original off-white crater pattern vinyl

AUD $350

GT Rear Honeycomb trim
Reproduction honeycomb trim, 2 peice as original.

AUD $300

Mad Max Overhead Roof console
Hand made to as close as possible to original specs and design


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