Vehicles we have previously sold
Have a look at the cars we have sold in the past,
to clients world wide, from USA, to Germany, New Zealand to the UK. Most of these vehicles were cars we had in stock at the time of sale, some however were sourced to meet the clients particular desires. If you see something here you like and would to own a car similar, please let us know and we will see what we can find you.

Listed in no particular order.

1973 XA Falcon Coupe

XA Coupe fitted with all XB panels. Mildly worked 351, toploader and 9" diff. Aussiexport fitted new black XB GT interior.

Location: California, USA

1976 XB Coupe GT Clone

Built by Aussiexport to GT specs, 351, toploader, 9", new black XB GT interior and resprayed Onxy black with silver. See our Restorations section for more info.

Location: California, USA

1978 XC Falcon Cobra

Genuine Cobra, matching numbers engine,stroked to 351, 4 speed, 9". Retrimmed original interior, lowered suspension, 15" x8"&10" Globe Bathurst style rims, Option 97 front spoiler and bonnet scoop.

Location: Florida, USA

1975 XB Fairmont Sedan

1 owner original condition car, originally 6 cyl, but Aussiexport fitted a 351, C4 and 9" diff and GT bonnet. The new owner plans to turn the vehicle into a Yellow Mad Max replica.

Location: Indiana, USA

1975 Landau

1 of only 1387 built. Cosmic blue, worked 351, FMX and 9" diff. Leather trim, factory front and rear bucket seats.

Location: Florida, USA

1976 XB Falcon Coupe

Fitted with XC Front, 351, 4 speed. Sold with Mad Max roof wing, rear wing and XC Cobra front spoiler. The new owner plans to build a Mad Max inspired XC Coupe.

Location: Boston, MA, USA

1972 XA Falcon Coupe

Built by Aussiexport to the owners specs. The car is modelled on Allan Moffat's 73 Bathurst winning GT
See more info in our Restoration section.

Location: Scotland

1973 XB Fairmont Coupe

Great looking Coupe, custom Narooma Blue paint, mild 351, C4, 9", custom trim. New owner is having the car built as a Mad Max Interceptor in the USA by Pursuit Industries

Location: New York, USA

1975 XB GS Falcon Coupe

This car was sourced by it's owner while Holidaying in Australia. Aussiexport stored and shipped the car for him. Now built as a Mad Max Interceptor by Pursuit Industries.

Location: Indiana, USA

1975 XB GS Fairmont Coupe

Matching number 302C, C4. Full Mad Max bodykit. The new owner plans to turn the vehicle into a Mad Max replica.

Location: Michigan, USA

1976 XC Fairmont Coupe

302, C4. Factory Sunroof. Great project car

Location: Missouri, USA



1977 XC Falcon Ute

Reco'd 302C, C4, 17" rims, GS Grille, GS Bonnet, GS Interior, lowered suspension. Shipped by owner.

Location: New Zealand




1973 XA GS Fairmont Coupe

The owner sourced this vehicle himself and had us inspect, purchase and transport the vehicle back to our workshop. Once there it was fitted with New black GT interior.

Location: Florida, USA

1973 XB Fairmont Coupe

Restored by Aussiexport, worked 351, 4 speed, 9", New XB GT Interior, new stereo. Totally stripped and rebuilt replacing anything required. More details in our Restoration section.

Location: , USA

1975 XB Falcon Coupe

Mild 302 Cleveland, 4 speed. Good body with neat white paint. New owner plans to turn the car into a Mad Max Interceptor.

Location: Germany

1973 XB GS Falcon Coupe

2 owner original condition car, factory 351, C4, 9" Polar white with Black trim. Converted to Top loader and seats retrimmed.

Location: California, USA

1977 XC Falcon Coupe

White, reco'd 302C, 4 speed, New black XB GS Interior. New owner plans to give the a car a Mad Max inspired look.

Location: Michigan, USA

1975 XB Falcon Coupe

Sold with 351, top loader & 9". Full Mad Max bodykit. The new owner plans to turn the vehicle into a Mad Max replica.

Location: Missouri, USA

1976 XB Falcon Coupe

351, C4r & 9". Good body, GT Bonnet, GT dash, GT grille. Good interior.

Location: Western Australia

1975 XB GT Falcon Sedan

Matching number 351, FMX, GT 9". Mulberry Metallic, White trim. Very neat original GT.

Location: California, USA

1973 XB Falcon Coupe
Mad Max Interceptor Replica

Aussiexport built to client specs. Worked 4V 351, toploader, 9". RRS strut kit, Rack and Pinion. More details in our Restoration section.

Location: Texas, USA

1971 XY GT Replica

Completely restored by Aussiexport to clients specs. Resprayed Red with Gold GT stripes. worked 351, toploader, 9", New XY GT Interior, GT dash, shaker, etc. More details in our Restoration section.

Location: Newcastle, Australia

Like something you see here?
Let us know which car you like and we will find you one similar that you can own. There are plenty of good quality cars available however as with all classic cars, the prices are rising, so the sooner you can get one the better for your budget.

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