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Once you have finished looking around out site, please check out some of the helpful and interesting sites linked below.

Falcon & GT infomation sites:

Sandy's awesome Falcon info site: Don't miss this one, it has some of the best (if not THE best) XA-XB Falcon infomation and facts of any site anywhere. If there is something you want to know about XA-XB Falcons, this is the place. If you think you know something that Sandy's doesn't have listed, drop him a line, he is alwasys happy to add new info for the hordes of followers who use his site as a source of reference and knowledge. Including the UK Australian car registry.

Vehicle sales sites:
We can help to inspect, arrange purchase and ship any vehicle you find listed on these sites, so please contact us with the details of the car your interested in and we will pursue it for you. Remember dealing with a private seller is a huge risk, for the minimal extra costs of having us handle the details for you, your investment will be much safer and we can provide all required paper work for your new toys importation.

Australian Muscle Car Sales

Ford Muscle Car Sales

Businesses we use and recommend: (some business don't have websites at this point in time).

RestoPrep - Automotive only blast specialists

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Any infomation collected through this site will be used by Aussiexport only, it will NOT be given to any other individual, group, club, business, website, etc. Most pics used on this site have been taken by our own staff and there for are our property. If however you feel that we have used an image or file that belongs to you, please contact us and we will remove it or give credit (which ever you would prefer).

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