Restorations: 1971 XY GT replica

Aussiexport built this car to a clients specs and tight budget.(We're aware that in the "finished" pics it wasn't quite a full spec GT rep, however the customer had a set budget and we did the best we could without going over that. It was such a tight budget that when the owner sold this car later on he got double the build cost.


1971 XY Falcon sedan - GT replica
351 - Mildly worked
4 speed top loader
9" Diff
Porsche Gaurds Red paint (with satin black XY GT stripes)

New Black XY GT interior trim, including seats, door trims, hood lining, carpet, console, dash (Note XY GT dash was fitted after these pics were taken).

Restored 14x6" 12 slot rims with dress rims and centre caps.

All parts cleaned and painted.

New weather seals

New lenses and lights

New suspension

ALL nuts, bolts, door locks and fittings restored and zinc plated

Full car restored on a tight budget.







































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