XA GT RPO 83 Hardtop

One of the most desired of all Aussie Muscle Cars. The RPO 83 was Fords "Top Secret"
Homologation special. After the demise of the Phase 4 project, Ford needed to use up it's supply of high performance race parts, which had to be used on at least 250 publicly sold vehicles. So the XA GT RPO 83 was the car. Although not offically recognised at the time as being anything special, now 42 years on
they are finally being regarded in a similar light to the legendary GTHOs, as in spirit at least, these RPO 83s are as close to a Phase 4 as you can get (outside of the 3 race cars and 1 road car, all of which were sedans).

Although the homologation special parts varied from car to car, options included:
Special Phase 4 H M Headers
Manual Choke 780 Holley
Sheilded clutch line.
Some cars have been found to have received 31 spline close ratio top loader.
31 Spline 9" diff


1973 XA Falcon GT RPO 83 Hardtop

Our plan was to rebuild this car into a replica of Allan Moffat's 1973 Bathurst winning RPO 83 Hardtop.

This coupes factory specs were:
RPO 83 - Same as Moffat's race car
Polar white - Same as Moffat's race car
Black trim - Same as Moffat's race car
Very minimal options - Similar to Moffat's race car
Except this car had a radio and it also got waxed from the dealership, which race cars didn't as they would have been painted and decaled straight after delivery.

There were only 16 RPO 83 Coupes built in Polar white.
Only 9 were black trim, of those
1 was Moffat's race car, 1 was Fred Gibsons (Both now destroyed).
2 had sunroofs
2 are still around and appear to be in great factory condition.
1 is needing full resto and we know the owner, he is planning an original/modified restoration.
That just leaves this one as the only serious option to built a perfect Race replica.

We have managed to collect some of the very rare items needed to make this car a great replica.

These include:
A full set of genuine 15" Mawer magnesium racing rims in great condition.
Idler arm brace (as seen on Moffat's later hardtop race cars but may not have been fitted to the XA, but there is one here to go with the car).

Genuine original body!!!!
However it is very poor condition and requires a full restoration.

Has been blasted and 2 pack epoxy primed, some repairs have been started and we are continuing to work on it in our spare time.
Inspection is a must before making any offers. This project is not for the faith hearted.
We can work out a price to include new steel panels inc GT Guards, etc.

Car currently has doors, but no GT gaurds, can supply with std XA panels if required (New repro GT guards are under $800pr).

Original XA GT Bonnet, needs some repairs.

Included is an early XB K code Falcon sedan body in very good condition. We were going to use the roof turret to fill the aftermarket sunroof hole. Also the original sills and floor pan sections would be ideal for repairing the RPO without resorting to repro items where possible.

Engine: Non original 351 2V T-code engine, low kms, very good runner.
Original spark plugs leads, dizzy, rocker covers. Engine is from a P5 LTD, still in LTD running and
has a untouched factory engine bay with all accessories. Hoping to find some 4V heads and intake to go with the car, currently none though.

Gearbox: None currently - but of course should be a Bullnose top loader for Race replica. Car was original 4 speed top loader.

Diff: Front mount caliper Disc brake XB GT LSD 9" diff.
Technically RPO 83s were drum brake 9", however there is still some level of debate on this (there are some very convinving examples of late RPO83s with XB GT style Disc brakes fitted)..
Regardless, Moffat had disc brakes on his race car, which is why they were homolgated on the Landaus,
So it's a P5/Landau/XB GT 9" included to be closer to accurate for the race car.

Suspension and brakes: All original currently, however virtually full set of new suspension and steering components parts are included.
We would suggest checking everything though as car has not been driven for almost 20 years from what we can tell.

Interior: Factory original Black XA GT trim, not in great shape, but we were going to refit as is, for that unrestored look.

XA GT dash, 140MPH speedo, 7,000 rpm tacho. (NO RPOs did not have 8k tachos, they stopped at the end of 1972).
Correct RPO 83 top guages (half XA, half XB as this is a semi late Aug 73 build, so around the time of the change over to XB gauges).

The car is stripped down ready for resto. We cannot garuantee that every part of the car is with it, but the vast majority is there.
Inc windows, window tracks, dash, stainless, interior, wiring, suspension, brakes, etc, etc.


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